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Darkharbor Games is the publisher of the Infinite Legends Roleplaying Game System.

Originally published in 2004 by Jason Broadley and Robert Frey, Infinite Legends is a universal game system that can be used for any genre or style of roleplaying game. Characters are built by purchasing attributes, skills, traits, and special abilities with points. Actions in which failure or uncertainty are potential hazards are resolved with tasks, which involve rolling a pool of ten-sided dice and tallying a number of successes. Combat and damage systems expand on the task system and provide detailed rules for how to manage combat and how to resolve injuries and damage. Finally, a set of rules covering the design and implementation of special effects (for things such as magic spells, superpowers, cybernetic implants, and so on) are provided as well. All of the systems in the book are easily scalable for those desiring more or less detail.

Infinite Legends will be available for sale in PDF format soon at RPGNow.

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